Revenue Opportunities

Video Ads

Sell the video to your advertiser. The market value for our videos is over $850 leaving a nice margin for your stations.

Pass through the charge and provide the client the savings. Include the video to increase on air spend.

Desktop Video Display

Sell as a pre-roll video on your stations websites.

Use our video scroll plug-in and post clients videos on your stations websites and charge a fee.  Maintain presence on your stations website and charge a monthly fee when they are off air.

YouTube Publishing

Post to your stations YouTube Channel and charge a fee. Create a Google Youtube Adwords Campaign.

Selling an Adwords Campaign to promote the video can generate additional revenue.

Email Marketing with Video

Utilize your email listener database and create a special video promotion campaign.

Video pulls great response numbers when included in an email. Upsell video placement in emails with your listener email campaign.

FaceBook Video Posting

Create a Facebook ad campaign.

A FaceBook ad campaign works great with videos and can generate additional revenue for your station. We can do this for you and revenue share.

55+ Site Video Distribution

Provide business listing and video distribution services.

Enable your client to proactively market their video by publishing to over 55 internet directories and search engines. This is a quarterly fee based service. Selling this as a subscription service will help maintain a long term relationship with an advertiser.